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Money: Basics of Bitcoin

Is bitcoin the world currency that is going to slam the jail-cell door on humankind for the next thousand years? Or is it the saving grace that is finally going to stop usurious lenders from carving out a slice of nearly every financial transaction on Earth? Perhaps it will just snap, crackle, pop and die. These questions are open for debate. One thing is sure: the battleground is always money. On this field oppressors will ultimately be smashed. Following are 10 things you may not know about […]

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Goldman Sachs Analyst: Bitcoin Could Soon Hit $4,000

By Jake Anderson of The Anti-Media After its meteoric rise in value, Bitcoin has many financial analysts wondering aloud how high the cryptocurrency’s ceiling may go. Several have concluded that Bitcoin could soon outpace expectations in a grandiose way. Goldman Sachs’ head of technical strategy, Sheba Jafari, believes Bitcoin could soon reach a record-high of nearly $4,000 per coin. In a note to investors, Jafari stated she believes Bitcoin is in the midst of a “corrective fourth wave” and that its value may still drop by up […]

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